Kuk Sul Hapkido Martial Arts
Ancient Korean Art of Self Defense
A System of Leverage and Pressure Points

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Before the eyes can see they must be incapable of tears.    Before the ear can hear it must have lost its sensitiveness.    Before the voice can speak in the presence of the Masters, it must have lost the power to wound. (M. C.)


Budo or buddo: bu (means war or military way) and do (means path or way) in Japanese.

Budo was designed to cultivate and strengthen the physical body as well as mental and spiritual faculties. Budo sprouted from the lethal martial arts called bujutsu in mid-18th century.

Budo's aim is to free the mind of fear and consciousness of self-image. It requires continuous effort in creating the ideal psychological state; constant attentiveness is needed to detach any emotion blocking correct judgment and the impulses of the body. This makes budo unlike other martial arts systems that grow out of Bujutsu.