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A school in which martial arts are practiced, is called dojo. In early Japan, dojo was the name of a location, usually part of a Zen temple, dedicated to religious practice. The original Sanskrit meaning, Bodhi mandala, is the "place of enlightenment." This name was adopted by the Japanese warrior to identify all the halls where he practiced the martial arts.


Some of the rules common to all dojo are:

1. Students must bow when entering or leaving the 'Workout area.
2. Students must wear the traditional uniform to all practice sessions
3. All uniforms must be clean and in good condition.
4. Students must keep their bodies clean and nails trimmed
5. Students must not wear jewelry or sharp objects when working out.
6. Students must not chew gum or candy, or eat while in the doio.
7. Students must not engage in idle talk while in the doio and should remain attentive at all tmes.
8. Students must always be courteous and helpful to each other.
9. Students should never use their skills, except in sell-delense

DOJO OATH Code of conduct in the dojo and a guide to everyday life

It was written by Isshlnryu's founder Tatsuo SIllmabuku.
We will train our hearts and bodies for a firm, unshaking spirit.
We will pursue the true meaning ot the martial way so that in time our senses may be alert.
With true vigor, we will seek to cultivate a spIrit of self-denial.
We will observe the rules of courtesy, respect our superiors, and refrain from violence.
We will pay homageto our creator and never forget the true virtue of humility.
We will lOOk upwards to wisdom and strength, not seeking other desires.
All our lives, through the disciplines of karate, we will seek to fulfill the true meaning at the way.