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Kuk Sul Hapkido Martial Arts

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About Us

Welcome to kuk sul hapkido!

Kuk sul or Kuk Sul Hapkido is Korean martial art that was created by Grand Master Sung Boung Moon in 1970,s in United stat.

Kuk Sul is a complete system of martial art in which uses skills to subdue opponent either by a throw, kick, punch, choke, or lock . It is very similar to Kuk Sool Won.
Our mission is to train, cultivate, and develop strong individuals, who can be Kin, thrifty, and humble, strong individuals who don't judge, resist, or attach.

Grand Master Sung Boung Moon was born in a small town south of Seoul, South Korea. He moved to Seoul at the age of eight, to begin his martial art training. He studied Kung Fu, Hapkido, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Judo. In his early 20's, Grandmaster Moon formed his own martial art system, known as Kuk Sul Hapkido. At about the same time, the Shah of Iran chose Grandmaster Moon to instruct his Imperial guards. Grandmaster Moon studied the Iranian language, for one year, then moved to Iran. After the fall of Iran, Grandmaster Moon came to America and opened his world headquarters in Reseda, California. He appeared on numerous magazines covers and gave many seminars to martial artists, who came to train with him from around the world. In the spring of 1991, Supreme Grandmaster Moon was killed in an accident. He is missed by his country, his students, and his family.