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Chinese Martial Arts

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Chinese Martial Arts

The origin of all Chinese martial art, Kung-Fu was brought to China from India by a Zen Buddhist monk named Da Mo (Bodhidharma).

Choy Lay Fut

Choy Lee Fut , traditional (Chinese martial art) is a system of Kung Fu that utilizes Chi and Qigong, it is China's most popular styles of kung fu. Choy Lee Fut was established by its founding father "Chan Heung" about two centuries ago.

Choy Lee Fut is a Shaolin martial arts system which is combination of northern and southern Chinese martial arts, it brings together the completes techniques of south, with the kicking and feet maneuvers of north Chinese martial arts, it is one of the most practical and useful forms of self-defense.

Choy Lay Fut emphasizes in being calm and relaxed, is more important than muscular force. Choi Lai Fut is also spelled Choy Lay Fut, Choy Li Fut, and Choi Lee Fut.

Dim Mak

Dim Mak (touch of death), literally translates to "spotting blood" is an ancient Chinese martial art that utilize and manipulates the pressure points on the human body. These particular pressure points (also known as Dim Mak points, or vital points)are the same one that is utilized for healing.

Since this pressure points and techniques are vital to any form of martial arts they have been kept secret. These pressure points are located all over the body including arms legs neck and they are protected against opponents blows. striking these pressure points on the body can cause illness or death.

Dim Mak is an extremely dangerous martial art and can caus excessive injury and harm to the human body. The consequences of striking the Dim Mak pressure points include loss of consciousness and death, it could have grave results.

Tai Chi (also known as Tai Chi Chuan) can be interpreted as the 'Supreme Ultimate Energy', it is known as "meditation in motion". Tai Chi's philosophy interconnected with the Tao, and Chinese concept of yin-yang. The Taoists are recognized for their strength and the arts of wellbeing and long life. Tai chi is a complete system of smooth physical exercise, is a series of soft circular movements that can improve and enhance your health. The gentle movements of Taoist Tai Chi transmit the essence of this tradition to the 20th century Originally developed in China as a system of self-defense, this graceful form of martial arts goes back 2,000 years.

Kung Fu, the mother of all Chinese martial arts, was brought to China from India by a Zen Buddhist monk named Da Mo (Bodhidharma). Da Mo taught the importance of wellbeing of body, mind, and spirit.

Kung Fu generally refers to Chinese martial Arts, or combat systems developed from China. Kung Fu usually refers to Chinese martial Arts, or fighting systems invented from China.

Jeet Kun Do or JKD, is a martial arts system formed and developed by late martial artist and actor Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee's Chinese name was Jun Fan (it literally means "Bruce Lee's Way of the Intercepting Fist). Jeet Kune Do is the name Bruce Lee chose for his martial arts system in 1967. In the beginning, when Bruce Lee started his martial art, he gave lt his own name of Jun Fan Gung Fu. You should be aware that Martial Arts is not created or formed by any one person. Systems are developed by many people and cultures over centuries.