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Choy Lee Fut

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Choy Lay Fut

The origin of all Chinese martial arts, (Kung-Fu) was brought to China from India by a Zen Buddhist monk named Da Mo (Bodhidharma).

Choy Lee Fut , traditional Chinese martial art is a system of Kung Fu that utilizes Chi and qi gong,(chi kung), it is China's most popular styles of kung fu.

Choy Lee Fut was established by its founding father "Chan Heung" about two centuries ago. It is a Shaolin martial arts system that is a combination of northern and southern Chinese martial arts, it brings together the completes techniques of south, with the kicking and feet maneuvers of north Chinese martial arts, it is one of the most practical and useful forms of self-defense.

Choy Lay Fut emphasizes that being calm and relaxed, is more important than muscular force.

Choy Lay Fut's forms (or Katas) are smooth and circular, yet powerful, elegant and wonderful to watch. Each form includes at least one hundred fifty different movements, each having a practical purpose in self-defense.

Choy Lay Fut comprises of wide variety of techniques, such as , punches, kicks, sweeps ,takedowns lethal pressure point attacks, joint locks and grappling. Choy Lay Fut employs traditional kung fu weapons . Choy Lay Fut utilizes chi kung (spelled, Qigong, qi gong, chi kung, chi 'ung, or chi gung) and meditation, in every day practic.

Choy Lay Fut code of conduct:

Choy Lay Fut code of conduct was written by the founder Chan Heung.

1)  The student of Choy Lay Fut exercise for the purpose of developing a strong and healthy foundation for their bodies. Thus, the practitioner should keep practicing and never abandon its way.

2)  A kind, gentle, good and patient heart must also be developed. --- *You must never use your skill to commit injustice or injury to others, but only for the purpose of defending oneself. By committing injustice and injury to others you go against the rules and regulations of society.

3)  Recognize and follow all other previous practitioners of Choy Lay Fut as they are your seniors, this reflects on your respect and good heart.

4)  All your classmates are brothers in Choy Lay Fut and belong to the same generation. Respect each other through trust, friendship and honesty. Do not intimidate the weaker brothers in any way.

5)  Brothers in Choy Lay Fut are not allowed to fight with each other.

6)  Do not drink alcohol in excess and eat meat in excess. Alcohol and meat in excess will make you disorientated. Making your mind and spirit to become unclear as a result, accidents may happen which could damage your body.

7)  Students are not allowed to teach other people outside the school as it may attract trouble to you and others. The exception is if you deem a person to be of pure and gentle heart, then you may teach him and pass your knowledge on.

8)  Never misuse your skill on others believing you are better than they are, as this only causes trouble. Do not fight/bully others to show that you are better than they are.

9)  When using kung fu , you are to think how to remain humble and not be proud of your success; not placing yourself in front of others. If you misuse your knowledge to gain money, then you are within Choy Lay Fut a betrayer of our founders wishes and bring down the groups name.

10)  If you can not abide by all these rules then you may leave or if you break them and dispute the rules, the Master may expel you from the school.