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Dim Mak

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Dim Mak

Dim Mak (touch of death), Dim Mak (touch of death), literally translates to "spotting blood" is an ancient Chinese martial art that utilize and manipulates the pressure points on the human body. These particular pressure points

(also known as Dim Mak points, or vital points)are the same one that is utilized for healing.

These pressure points are located all over the body including arms legs neck and they should be protected against opponents blows. striking these pressure points on the body can cause illness or death. Dim Mak is an extremely dangerous martial art and can cause excessive injury and harm to the human body.

The consequences of striking the Dim Mak pressure points include loss of consciousness and death, it could have grave results. Since this pressure points and techniques are vital to any form of martial arts, they have been kept secret.

Dim Mak's techniques were created on the idea that pressure points on human body can be hit or attacked, these strikes can boost or withdraw Chi from certain organs; the assault's effect may vary from, knockout, paralyzing limbs or organs, to sudden or slow death.

Dim Mak's masters must know the exact location of each pressure point and how to direct Chi to them by striking or touching.