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Kenpo is a common Japanese term for martial arts in general.


Kempo or Kenpo
The first character "Ken" means "fist", while the second one "ho" means "law". However, the current standard for translating Japanese into English is the Hepburn romanization method for creating Romaji, where the "Ken" would become "Kem" when it precedes an "h" sound, and the "h" takes on a "p" sound. Thus, "Kenho" becomes "Kempo". The common reference to "Kenpo" comes from the book that James Mitose produced in 1953 entitled What is Self-Defense? Kenpo JiuJitsu as a textbook on martial arts and due to a spelling mistake by the printers who printed an N instead of M the spelling of kenpo came about. In English, it is correct to use either term, though their particular usages have become somewhat stylized. The term stayed with his students, and when William Chow and Edmund Parker went to create their own Kempo schools, they took the "Kenpo" name with them.

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American Kenpo Karate classes for those in the metropolitan Atlanta Area and the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. A unique and comprehensive Martial Art that was created by the legendary and famous Ed Parker. ... this school is to propagate Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate in as authentic a form as possible and ... Must-See Video based on American Kenpo Karate. "The Perfect ...

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