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Tai Chi
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Tai Chi Chuan

(Moving Meditation)

Tai chi, short for Tai chi chuan or Taijiquan, known as "meditation in motion" is an indigenous Chinese martial art. Chuan is short for "Chuan Fa" meaning "fist techniques. Tai Chi Chuan translates to 'Supreme Ultimate fist techniques'.

There are more than a few styles of Tai Chi; starting in 1820, Tai Chi firstly taught by the Chen family to the Yang family. T'ai Chi Chuan is a soft style martial art and practiced in meditative state. Techniques are done in the deep relax state of mind and body.

T'ai Chi Chuan is usually understood as the "yin-yang" representation, T'ai Chi Ch'uan is said to be a study of yin (receptive) and yang (active) philosophy. The basic training comprises of two categories : first one is a slow series of activities that focuses on breathing and posture; the second is distinctive styles of hand techniques (pushing hands).

T'ai Chi Ch'uan's forms are well-known for the slow movements that Chinese people practice every morning in parks across China. The objective of T'ai Chi exercise is to teach consciousness of one's own harmony, stillness and silence. Tai Chi Ch'uan has been considered as a martial art, and its traditional practitioners even now teach it as one.