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What is TAO ?
The word "Tao" (also pronounced Dao) is a Chinese word that means road, path, method, principle. To Taoist, ( people who believe in or practice Tao ) Tao means: 'the way the universe works' 'the natural force that unites all things in the universe' 'the scientific and logical basis of human activities' and ultimately something like God. Tao can be thought of as a set of instructions or mandates that encourages people to live with balance, tranquility, and peace. It also can be thought of as a human being ownerls manual. Tao also teaches about life sciences such as medicine, meditation, philosophy, herbology internal exercise. This knowledge is very useful for daily life. Fundamental aim of Tao is to achieve enlightenment and immortality by harnessing the sexual energy.

Dao, which is an ancient Chinese religion and philosophy, teaches how-to live-in harmony with the nature. Taoists believe that individuals can become immortals through practicing certain methods and techniques. Dao utilize the power of sexuality to accomplish perfect health, bring about continuous state of divine awareness and attain immortality. Taoist philosophy centers on genuineness, longevity, health, immortality, vitality, wu wei ( a perfect equilibrium, emptiness, or inaction ).

Symbol of Taoism

Eight systems of Taoism
The Tao of philosophy
The Tao of regeneration (internal exercise)
The Tao of well-adjusted diet
The Tao of forgotten food (herbology)
The Tao of healing art (Tuei-na)
The Tao of sex wisdom
The Tao of mastery
The Tao of success (I-Ching)