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The character of Dan (rank) in Japanese means grade, or position and is associated with the blackbelt degree. Dan one, usually means first degree blackbelt, dan two is second degree blackbelt and so on.

Going from white to black, each student goes through different colored belts, that shows the level of their expertise. Whitebelt usually symbolizes that the wearer of the belt is a beginner, and blackbelt wearer is an expert.

The dan ranks for Japanese
and Okinawan martial arts are:

shodan-1 st degree
nidan-2nd degree
sandan-3rd degree
yodan-4th degree
godan-5th degree
rokudan-6th degree
shichidan-7th degree
hachidan-8th degree
kudan-9th degree
judan-10th degree
juichidan-11 th degree (Judo only)
iunidan-12lh degree (judo only)

The dan ranks for tae kwon do (Korean) are:
illdan-1 st degree
yeedan-2nd degree
samdan-3rd degree
sahdan-4th degree
ohdan-5th degree
yookdan-6th degree
childan-7th degree
paldan-8th degree
koodan-9th degree
shibdan-1Oth degree
chodan-1 st degree
ea dan-2nd degree
samdan-3rd degree
sadan-4th degree
ohdan-5th degree
yukdan-6th degree
childan-7th degree
paldan-8th degree
kudan-9th degree
shipdan-1 Oth degree