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Tae Kwon Do
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Tae Kwon Do

TAE-KWON-DO plainly means "Art of kicking and punching." tae kwon do is an indigenous Korean form of martial arts that incorporates kicking, punching, jumping, blocking in sparring. Contemporary tae kwon do is a combination of the hyung (patterns) of Its ancestral combative arts, taekyon and subak, and the kata (formal exercises) of the Okinawan Shuri and the Naha schools of karate.

Since tae kwon do is mainly a kicking art, every student must invest considerable time developing the legs, hips and back. Tae kwon do training includes various stretching exercises intended to make the students flexible and able to kick high.

Tae kwon do is well-known for its flying kicks, a remarkable mixture of techniques which, when executed by an expert, are overwhelming. All the fundamental tae kwon do kicks can be done in a jumping or flying movement. Flying kicks are deemed the ultimate in the tae kwon do . Tea kwon do practitioners also use a wide selection of hand techniques to punch, strike, or block. Just like karate, the entire hand and arm are used in attacking as well defending.