Kuk Sul Hapkido Martial Arts

kuk sul
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Kuk Sul

Kuk sul (also known as Kuk Sul Haokido) is a Korean martial art that was founded by Grand Master Sung Boung Moon in 1970,s in United stat.

Kuk Sul is a complete system of martial art in which uses skills to subdue opponent either by a throw, kick, punch, choke, or lock .
It is similar to Kuk Sool Won. Kuk Sul has a rich system of isometric exercise( An isometric exercise is a form of exercise that has very little or no movement).

Some of Kuk Sul's Techniques are:
Son Muk Soo ( Defense against wrist seize )
Jung Geup Son Mok Soo ( Intermediate defense against wrist seize )
Ki Bon Soo ( Basic Kuk Sul self-defense techniques )
Joo Muk Ki Bon Soo ( Intermediate Kuk Sul techniques )
Eui Bok Soo ( Clothes or uniform techniques)
Ab Eui Bok Soo (Intermediate defense against frontal cloth seize)
Dwo Eui Bok Soo ( Defense against cloth seize from rear )
Dan Do Mak Ki ( Defense against knife attacks )
Kwan Jul Ki ( Joint-twisting techniques )
Meak Chi Ki (Strike or punch the opponent's vital pressure points)
Meak Cha Ki ( Kicks to the opponent's vital pressure points )
Zwa Ki ( Defense against attack in a sitting or kneeling position )
Wa Ki ( Defense against attack while in a lying position )
Mok Jo Leu Ki ( To choke or strangle an opponent )
Yoo Do ( Judo techniques )
Bang Jok Sool ( Defense against an opponent's kicks )
Yang Son Mok Soo ( Defense against having both wrists seized )
Bang Ap Cha Gi ( Defense against an opponent's kicks )
Bang Chi Gi ( Defense against an opponent's strike or punch )